we went diving for pnk prls and guess what we found...

you've been waiting for our second issue to come out and truth be told, so have we. we need it now more than ever. for issue two, we chose 10 queer literary voices whose poems, no matter how small, make big waves in the sea. 

a few thoughts on issue two //

we have tweaked the website a bit for this issue, so you can find your favorite poets by author names. the poems that sit here are precious. this is the first time sebastian & i have worked together. we've been hive-minding back and forth all spring, popping up in each other's inboxes at 2am, geeking out on the golden poems in this issue. 

this moment in the states (socially, politically, spiritually) is deep and complex and taxing and dramatic. although writing was necessary before, in this moment it feels particularly vital to pick up whatever tools you possess and use them. that means write your depression. write your burn out. write your hex. write your future.

we tried out very best to find the poems that moved us, and we hope they move you too. right now i'm boiling artichoke hearts and listening to kahlid. let's forgive ourselves for not drinking enough water, for the texts we don't respond to, and for the current state of the world. let's celebrate the small triumphs as they come. issue two is one of those. i feel so grateful for all the poets who submitted their work and for the poets we featured here. 

readers, share your love with these poets. read their poems in bed to your new crush. find them on facebook and compliment them. send their words in an email to your mom. they deserve it. we are so proud to put this work into the world. 

with pearly love,
mud howard